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Back in 2008 I was hanging out with my friend Baca in Seattle who is very very into yoga. He told me thatIi should hold on to my chi and practice edging. SoIi did. I then decided to go get coffee at this vegan breakfast place in the U District. I was drinking coffee, reading Walden when all of a sudden I started to feel likeIi was reading my own words from the past. This made me begin questioning whether I was Thoreau in a past life. Once this thought splattered into my minds windshield panic began to ensue and I tried to calm down. Couldn't. Ran out the coffee shop, ignored some people i knew and hadn't talked to in a long time, ran to Baca's Yoga studio because i thought i was going to seriously loose my shit. Class was in session, started pacing around, then bam! Crazy melody, crazy words, and now you have this crazy song.

Thank you edging!

I ended up recording it 4 years later in Iowa during the last week of my residency. Sleep deprived and having drank way to much coffee, I finished my residency with this tune.

Written October 2008
Recorded June 2012


No More
with pleasure of 100,000 Bellows
shock the house with voltage like a stereo
break her dances through breeze

beckon your light through a hefty window
thrash the grass grown high among the eyelashes
see her beauty never leaves

cramps the space of many strong willed vikings
lifting faces jubilantly smiling
cracking eyelids at the moon

Lift your chin and just begin to swallow
Gallon drums whose beats pour forth a living channel
grab yourself and take a ride

Careless not to share a fair
of how things judge whether to not or be
living sure seems to be a dream


from Kitchen Music: Rare and Vulnerable Unlistenable's, released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Gryph Denver, Colorado

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